Music Together® Online

COVID-19 UPDATE: Our classes will not be held this summer. We hope to be back in the fall with either online or in person classes if safe. Stay tuned for more information in the next few months and keep singing!

Welcome to Music Together Online!

What is Music Together Online?
Music Together Online is a package of online music experiences and resources that create a comprehensive music learning program with the same high quality you're used to with the Music Together program.

Wait, more screen time?
Here’s the difference: YOU! When children stare at a screen and passively receive information, they don’t take it in the same way nor do they learn in the same way as when they have the active participation of a caregiver or parent. So, just like in our classes, you’re still the most important part. Your teacher will be on the screen, but it is truly the interaction of the parent/caregiver with the child that is going to continue their musical development. We will also give you lots of fun activities and ideas to do at home while we’re all looking for WHAT to do!


  • Weekly 30 minute online class with Teacher Jen. Class will be made available on-demand to everyone, to be viewed and re-viewed at your convenience. (Mondays)
  • Additional weekly online video with Teacher Jen. Each week we will highlight some of your child's favorite songs from the MARACAS Song Collection with new activities. (Wednesdays)
  • Weekly lullaby online video to wind down our week. (Fridays)
  • 10 weeks of classes
  • Siblings are FREE, and older siblings love it, too!

Bonus materials

  • Additional exclusive content from Music Together Worldwide.

What stays the same

  • Your songbook and CD remains the same each semester.
  • The same variety of movement activities and instrument play.
  • Parent Education Moments (PEM's) to draw your attention to your child's musical development.

Music keeps us connected and brings hope to so many. Think of this offering as a way to connect with your child and your teacher. We need each other during this time. We need music. We need something on the schedule! And even though we can’t be together in person, we can still be silly and playful together online. Join us! 


Mon, Wed, Fri 10:00 AM Apr 13, 2020 8 weeks Jennifer Huntley